Tuesday, December 18, 2007

mmm this'll curtail the holiday money

A lovely photo of the ice from heaven (not quite mana from heaven) that left my car looking like a golf ball. Lucky I have it insured otherwise that'd be my Malaysian trip done and dusted.

This was another post from my iphone (except for this bit in italics added later). I'm trying to get it right so I can take pictures and post from the road whilst in Malaysia. When I say road I actually mean a decent hotel. Old backpackers don't die in hostels, we die in 4 star hotels and resorts whilst reminiscing about how the old hostels had a much better ambience.

Anyhow, the iphone post works ok (see here for details on mobile blogging http://www.blogger.com/mobile-start.g ) however it does seem to put the formatting out a bit. Not a major problem in short posts but longer posts would be more uncomfortable to read.