Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Weasel Coffee & Beef Pho: Does that little animal really regurgitate the coffee beans?

My breakfast this morning consisted of this bowl of extremely fresh and tasty Beef Pho and a cup of Iced Coffee at G-Pho in Maroubra, Sydney. Not just any coffee mind you but Weasel Coffee.

The idea behind Weasel Coffee is that it is a coffee bean that has been eaten by a Weasel. The Weasel then naturally regurgitates the bean by which time the enzymes in it's digestive tract (still with me) have caused the coffee bean to subtly alter flavour. These beans are then roasted as normal. The resulting brew is strong (like a good Robusta) but leaves none of the bitter after taste. Indeed when you first smell and taste the coffee it almost has a sense of mocha about it. By far the best Iced Coffee I've had in Sydney, perhaps anywhere.

OK. Here's my conceit. It's not actually real Weasel Coffee. Which I would still have had except that most of the Weasel Coffee (which comes from Vietnam) is now made without having to wait for cute little animals to regurgitate. Nonetheless the coffee was superb and that's the point.

The Beef Pho was equally delicious and the shop that serves these two dishes, G-Pho, is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. If you're interested this is their website. It doesn't have anything beyond a home page but the address is there.

The photos above don't do either the coffee or the pho justice but I only had my iphone and the photos the thing takes are not fantastic and nor (looking at where the light is coming from on those photos) are my photography skills.